We have been informed that there is currently a phishing scam targeting credit union members.

Members receive an email from the email address or one similar to this.  The email will inform the member of a file named "Payment Confirmation" that's been transferred to them through a site called WeTransfer, by what appears to be your Credit Union, and will be encouraged to click to download the files. 

This scam is designed to collect your personal details with a view to gaining access to personal financial accounts.

Please note the credit union does not request personal details by email from its members or use any third party websites to collect members details.  If you receive an email similar to the one outlined above , please ignore it.

Become a Volunteer at Dungiven Credit Union Ltd.
The first Irish Credit Unions were made possible by volunteers, at a time of economic stress, helping to steer communities back onto the path of prosperity and security. That was over 50 years ago and we now have over 3 million members. Now we face the same economic challenges again, and now is the time that you can make a real difference to your community by volunteering at Dungiven Credit Union Ltd!
As a member based organization, the Credit Union in Dungiven is fortunate to be built upon the efforts of our Volunteers, who give freely of their skills and time to benefit their local Credit Union. The Credit Union movement in Ireland currently has 9,250 volunteers in total and would like to recruit more. Contact us at
Why volunteer at Dungiven Credit Union Ltd?
In the spirit of cooperation, Dungiven Credit Union Ltd has a team of volunteers that help to manage the Credit Union. We always welcome new volunteers and wish to invite anyone who is interested in volunteering to get in touch with us. Volunteering at Dungiven Credit Union will not only benefit the Credit Union as a business, but you will also gain personal and professional experience.
1.     There are many benefits of volunteering at Dungiven Credit Union Ltd, here are just a few:
2.     You will gain professional experience and varied new skills in an interesting and fulfilling role within Dungiven Credit Union Ltd.
3.     Education and training will be provided to help you develop and make the most of your skills.
4.     Volunteering brings personal development and satisfaction, and you are providing an excellent service to the benefit of your community.
5.     You will have the opportunity to work on new developmental business projects and gain expertise.
How do I become a Volunteer?
The credit union committees offer an excellent starting point for new volunteers. These committees provide experience, learning and an active role within the credit union.
Once a volunteer has served the credit union at committee level for a period of time, and training needs have been identified and addressed, you can move into a director or supervisor position.
If you would like more information on volunteering in Dungiven Credit Union please contact a member of the Nominating Committee at or or, leave your details with a member of staff and the Nominating Committee will get in touch with you.
Online Loan Applications

You can now apply for a loan online.  To apply for a loan login to the members area and click the apply for loan button. Enter as much details as possible and once you submit the loan application you will be contacted by a staff member at Dungiven Credit Union reguarding your application.
If you do not have access to the members area already then register today!